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We are experts at influencing consumer behavior. We combine sophisticated targeting and segmentation with a deep understanding of market dynamics.

It takes deep and diverse skill sets to operate the way we do. From multimedia consumer marketing to database and information technology, to finance, and everything in between, we put all under one roof.

Michael R. Loeb
Michael R. Loeb Founder and CEO
Richard I. Vogel
Richard I. Vogel Chief Financial and Operating Officer
  • innovate
  • analyze
  • optimize
  • amplify

Our founders know success. Before Loeb Enterprises, their expertise and approach helped create successful business ventures such as Synapse and Priceline. Through Loeb Enterprises, they have revolutionized the prescription medication industry with ScriptRelief.


Synapse revolutionized how magazine subscriptions are sold in the United States.

With a market capitalization of over forty billion dollars, Priceline.com is one of today's greatest, enduring Internet success stories.

Script Relief

This free-to-consumers pharmacy discount card has helped over 13 million Americans save over $1 Billion on prescription medications.