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Michael Loeb and Rich Vogel believe in the importance of career development and continuous professional growth. At Loeb Enterprises we aspire to provide the best training, tools and mentorship to all of our employees and personnel.

We hire in diverse fields such as, Business and Data Analytics, Project Management, UX/UI, Creative Design, Finance, Sales, Digital Marketing, Accounting, SEO, Coding and more. Find out more about how you can join Loeb Enterprises.

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Loeb Enterprises Paid Summer Internship Program

Students who are selected for our paid summer Internship program gain hands-on experience working with exceptional entrepreneurs in an intimate and high-paced setting. We are committed to offering the interns an enriching and formative entrepreneurial experience. Michael Loeb (serial entrepreneur, founder of Loeb Enterprises, Synapse and co-founder of Priceline) and Rich Vogel (formerly President of MDSC Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary of Synapse Group) have created a meaningful and beneficial summer program for ambitious college students.

Our summer internship includes fun and intellectually stimulating events such as “Internatopia” – a summit held at Michael Loeb’s Southampton home. Interns hear pitches directly from the founders and CEOs of participating Loeb NYC startups. Individual meetings between these portfolio startups and the students are held prior to each intern being matched with a company that best suits their interests. Our investment portfolio companies are strategically positioned in a range of industries (finance, ride-sharing, beauty, AI, analytics, consumer packaged goods and more) so there is a company to suit every student’s interest and passion.

Michael Loeb explains, “Our goal is to provide these students with an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship from actual entrepreneurs. The program makes sure the students are fully engaged and complete assignments that contribute to a startup’s trajectory.”

Interns also join in a weekly Speakers Series, where they have the chance to learn from experts, CEO’s, celebrities and entrepreneurs from a multitude of industries and to ask questions. Speakers talk about their journeys to success, notably including how they overcame obstacles and failures. Over the summer students complete challenging work, receive mentorship from world-class professionals, socialize and network with other interns and professionals.

Our 10-week paid program provides training and unique NYC startup experience to bright students with an enthusiasm for business and innovation.

“Michael Loeb, president and chief executive of Loeb Enterprises, is an [Amherst] alumnus who has taken a particular interest in internships. In addition to offering paid stints at his own company, he has just started a program that matches start-ups in New York City with Amherst interns and covers their pay and living expenses.”

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